Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Quick check in - fundraising.

So, the story about my favorite comedian moved my readership not a bit, eh? Very well. My next post will be much more personal. I have mentioned the subject here once before, but what is coming should be much more comprehensive.

First, I want to thank the people that have donated so far - I appreciate it. Because of you, I am still in the top 5 as of this posting

Top Ten Fundraisers

Tour de BBQ 2011

  1. Carrie Helfers - $525.00
  2. Craig Henwood - $355.00
  3. Michael Alexander - $100.00
  4. Benjamin Andrews - $100.00
  5. Justin Husman - $90.00
  6. Niki Fehling - $50.00
  7. Chad Helmer - $25.00
Proof here

I wanted to assure you that if you decide to DONATE that you won't be getting spam email - the fundraising isn't done through Livestrong, but instead through eventunited, who hasn't sent me an email yet. if you are not donating because you are worried about spam, then please, donate. Eventunited hasn't spammed anyone who has donated yet, so I think that excuse is removed.

Please, donate something - I'm competitive, and I want to stay in the top five - but also, I want to raise some money; be the pro from Dover who rolls into town, rides the shit out of some miles, eats he hell out of some barbecue, and raises a bunch of money in the process. 

Keep in mind that I don't HAVE to raise this money to ride - I want to raise some money. I am a charitable person, but I've only ever given to things like this, I've never attempted to raise the money. 

Help me (and help cancer research) out. 

Please, sir? 

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