Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's hot as Hades out here.

The temperature is ridiculous - this is a screenshot from my phone at 9pm last night. 
Why do I live here again? 

So I haven't been doing much cycling at all. I'm converting Hubbard's Fuji from downtube shifters to Shimano 7 speed Sora STI levers. Even that has been a tough project, because the temperature in my workshop/garage hovers at the thousand degree mark. I'm looking forward to getting it finished so I can start bringing him along on some of my Wylie rides; I need someone to draft. 

I'm getting a bit more pub because I answered a few questions about my cycling habits over at the Bike Friendly Richardson blog. Go check it out of you need to know even more about me than you already do. 

Finally, I'm seriously considering riding on Friday. It should be ridiculously hot, as the past few days have been, but I was thinking that since I rode in the snow this year, I should probably pull off one of the insanely hot days. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Before you ride on Friday, consider my post of yesterday. It is very doable, but is also different than riding in "fair weather cyclist" weather. I will elaborate tonight.

  2. I'm certainly not a "fair weather" cyclist (though I do not care for rain), and I rode through most of June, so I'm pretty acclimated, I'm sure.

    I am considering picking up some salt pills, though - I look like Lot's wife when I finish a ride home.