Friday, August 26, 2011


Once again, I am blogging at my "Pro" gig, so I am short on time here. I have been working on my final "Why I ride to fight cancer" post, but for today, I have to talk about PIP auto insurance. Sorry, but that means you guys get a little less of me today.

Is it good or bad to have less of me? The twelve of you who read will have to decide among yourselves.

Obviously, one doesn't come to blogging skillz like this without reading other blogs and stealing where it is appropriate. This list doesn't represent the entire list of blogs that I read, but it's a good portion.

I'll start with Bikesnob - his blog is the only one I check every day (aside from this one) and he is THE bike blogger. Funny, insightful, and more than a little absurd. I'm a big fan.

I'm on the "masthead" of Biking in Dallas, and check in there once a week or so. I haven't written anything for them in a while, but I have a kickass new speedometer that might just be appropriate for the site. Stay tuned.

Bike Friendly Richardson is a site I check in with weekly - David is a great writer, and he is all over the city on his bike, advocating for us cyclists. His Flikr accounts are also very worthwhile.

I do still check in with the Fat Cyclist now and again, but he does lots of running now, which leaves me cold. He is a fundraiser par excellence, and supports Livestrong with a lot of passion, but anytime he is writing about being in a marathon, I am out.

I check in with the Rat Trap Press occasionally, and have found some great deals thanks to his blog; he posted a link to some cycling luggage at a steep discount once, and for that I am forever thankful.

Dave Moulton was a custom framebuilder both in England and America, since retired, and his blog is great. His stories about the old days in cycling as well as his perspective on cycling issues today are both great reasons to spend some time on his blog.

Finally, I love the blog DFW Point to Point. Steve is a great writer, a hardcore commuter, and apparently some kind of physicist, because his blog often involves maths, diagrams, and equations.

There are some other blogs in my wheelhouse, but none are regular visits like these. I'm off to blog about Dallas Auto Insurance for the rest of the day, so feel free to check in over there if you can't handle not having my words in your eyes.

Once again, thanks to everyone who donated to my fundraising efforts - I really do appreciate it, and want to remind you that the time to donate to my cancer fundraiser is not over.

Comfortable cruising

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