Friday, August 5, 2011

I wimped out.

And didn't ride today - I'm feeling a bit under the weather anyway, and had a meeting to attend - excuses, excuses. Perhaps, as Steve said, I'm a fair weather cyclist.

Since I am a fair weather cyclist, and dreaming of 70 degree temperatures just like everyone else, I did some wishful thinking and signed up for the Tour De BBQ in Kansas City on October 1st. The weather should be nice, and it combines two of my favorite things; bicycling and eating BBQ. I will make a couple of posts here soon about why we need to raise money to fight cancer, and my own personal experiences, but I expect those posts to be leaden and without joy - so if you want to avoid those, just donate my way up to my goal of $500 right now and save us both the heartache.

Donate here.

I don't aspire to be a Fatcyclist and raise thousands upon thousands of dollars - though it certainly would be nice. Instead, I want to see if I can raise merely $500 in the roughly two months I have until my ride. My lovely wife raised $2000 to participate in the three day a few years ago, and I hope I can do a quarter of that, with your help.

Don't make me resort to stronger measures.



  1. Read again. I did NOT intend to imply a fellow ice cycler is a "fair weather" cyclist. Hot weather cycling for the first time is a bit like jumping off a high diving platform. You might stand there for quite a while before that plunge and the blissful resurface. You do need to do it soon. I think you already missed the hottest day of the year.

  2. I was joking, Steve - though I think you are right about missing the hottest day. What's a degree or two among friends?