Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tour De BBQ Fundraising Check In.

Howdy all! I am checking in today with my Tour De BBQ fundraising report. You can actually make this author a liar if you donate before you read. That might be fun.

Anyway, here is the report: I'm still the king at $720.00

Top Ten Fundraisers

Tour de BBQ 2011

  1. Justin Husman - $720.00
  2. Carrie Helfers - $550.00
  3. Craig Henwood - $355.00
  4. Stacey Corrado - $245.00
  5. Michael Alexander - $150.00
  6. Niki Fehling - $145.00
  7. Benjamin Andrews - $100.00
  8. Luke Babb - $50.00
  9. Kathy Lung - $50.00
  10. Jonathan Nye - $40.00

Proof here.

Once again, I want to thank everyone who has contributed so far. Notice how I use those two words there - so far. There is still time to make a donation before the ride, so please do if you are inclined to do so. I'm pretty happy at 150% of my initial goal, but would really like to stay in front. If so, I'm going to be an insufferable prick that day, asking everyone, "So, how much did you raise?" and then spiking them with "I'm the number one fundraiser, you know..."

I rode home on Saturday, and man, laying off in the hundred degree heat has been stupid. I couldn't make it much more than 10 or 12 miles an hour, and in fact had to stop once because I was being beaten so badly by the sun. I was OK in July, but I haven't really ridden for most of August - which might have been a miscalculation. I rode some morning rides, and some messing around rides, but that's about it.


I want to close by saying thanks again to everyone who donated so far - I really do thank you all for making any contribution. I promise not to hammer you with this every year (and in fact, next year I am thinking about riding RAGBRAI) and in fact might never do a fundraiser again. However, I am doing it now, and would really appreciate your donation to me this time.

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