Monday, August 8, 2011

I am a "top five" kind of guy.

The list of top five fundraisers for the 2011 Tour De BBQ.

Tour de BBQ 2011

1.Craig Henwood - $355.00

2.Michael Alexander - $100.00

3.Carrie Helfers - $100.00

4.Benjamin Andrews - $100.00

5.Justin Husman - $25.00

6.Chad Helmer - $25.00

Proof here
I would like to stay in that lineup until the ride starts - and beyond.
I'm working on my posts telling you why I wish to raise money to fight cancer, so stay tuned for those.
In the meantime, DONATE


  1. Can you tell us how to avoid the incessant Livestrong junk mail afterwards? It is one thing to donate, it is another to be harangued after doing so. Phony email? I guess I could adjust my spam filter but that doesn't seem quite right, either.

  2. Make sure you don't check the box to get more email from the event. Personally, I just block Livestrong emails. They are spamming fools.

  3. I didn't check that box last year but it did me no good. I think your solution combines ease and effectiveness as long as they don't start mixing up the from sender too much.