Thursday, December 29, 2011

So How Did I Do?

Every year I have made some New Year's resolutions for myself on the blog, and I like to check in at the end of the year and see how well I kept them. This year is no different - well, generally the check and the new resolutions are in the same post, but this year they will be separated. (Content is hard to come by, and I am having a hard time filling this short week, so I'm milking what I have to work with.)

On to the resolutions from 2010!

1. Increase my commuting time. I was riding two days a week, maybe three this year. I would really like to ride into work at least three days a week, and more if I can swing it. I see this one happening.

I did pretty well with this one until July; I was commuting 3 days a week, but lost my momentum when it got super hot, and I wasn't able to recover it at all. I am disappointed in myself that I didn't keep it up. I did ride more this year than in 2010, but kind of fell off a cliff in the dog days of summer.

2. Ride at least two "social" rides this coming year. I rode the BFOC Tweed ride this year, and I'd certainly like to ride that and at least one other. In addition, Hubbard and I have been talking about riding a rail to trail conversion, and I really want to do that.

I only managed one social ride this year, documented here. I had every intention of doing the tweed ride, but one of my wife's friends had the gall to give birth on that day, and I ended up doing a babysitting path ride with my daughter instead. Hubbard and I are still talking about the rail to trail ride, and that will happen in 2012.

3. Ride two organized century rides this coming year. I rode the Wish 100 this year, and I'd like to do that one and a true century, probably the Wild West in Waco. I'd like to drag Hubbard along for one or the other, but truth be told, when I ride hard I prefer to ride alone.

I completely dropped the ball on this one; I did sign up for one organized ride but I only rode 30 miles. However, since I made a big affair out of it and was the top individual fundraiser, I am going to give myself a pass. And I don't ride hard, saying that is a vanity.

I did say that I wanted to blog more, but I didn't make that one an "official" resolution - and that was the only thing I talked about that I actually accomplished. Go figure.

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