Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Have Posted Every Day For a While Now

So, Like Cal Ripken, I don't want to screw up my record. I'm going to throw up a relevant "Greatest Hits" type post - and link to my article on the NuVinci from earlier this year. The NuVinci is the hub I have finally finished installing on the Bloggipede. I haven't ridden it yet, but can tell you that it looks awesome, and I am excited to get up on it. As anticipated, my crankset did arrive yesterday, and I switched everything out posthaste. The bike is ready for finishing touches and a photoshoot, so you can look for that soon. My hand is much healed, so things can move forward again - I don't think I'll do any riding to work until next week, but I am considering doing a little Christmas Light Riding before I leave town.

NuVinci Diagram

We'll see.

In the meantime, I am reaching waaaayyy back into earlier this year and linking to an article I wrote about the NuVinci after the NAHBS.

Read it here.

I'm doing this for some of my newer readers (like my English contingent - cheerio,  folks!)

Sweet Ride


  1. Looks, schmooks! I want to hear how it is lugging a heavy load into a headwind up a long uphill grade. Even my 7speed Shimano IGH is way too heavy for my delicate sensibilities.

  2. Keep in mind not all your readers are lithe super beings such as yourself. Some of us are old as dirt and can barely stand up, much less lug a heavy, if beautifully executed and lovely, rear hub around. Hmm, now, where DID I put that cane? Remember, even Cal got old...


  3. Ha - it only weighs a scant 5lbs.

    I will, and I will load it up.

    Lithe - ho ho.

  4. 5 lb centered at the rear hub is not trivial. I didn't mean to be insulting. Lithe super being is, after all, a relative term. Regardless, I look forward to a report on this that has credibility.