Thursday, December 8, 2011

Installing Bicycle Grips

Since I had to install new grips on the Bloggipede, I thought I would take some photos of the process so that someone looking for a "how to" would be able to find one.

Installing grips is very easy. You will need a pair of grips, hairspray, and a bike to install them on.

Pictured: Hairspray. 

It's what's not here that makes the photo. 

Step one. Spray some hairspray in the grips. I am using my daughter's hairspray, partially because it smells
like vanilla, but mostly because it's the only spray we had in the house.

Fun fact:I snapped this picture with the tip of my nose. 

Spray liberally, and roll it around. Try to coat the entire inside.

Twist the night away

Finally, slip it on. Twist the grip to get it on well, and be sure to get the design on the grip the way you want it - the hairspray will dry fairly quickly once you stop moving the grip, so get it aligned before you stop twisting.

Once you have it the way you want it, leave it alone; the spray will dry fairly quickly. That's all it takes to install grips.


  1. I've had grips eventually twist - and sometimes work their way slightly off. So, lately, I've been preferring the bolt on grips. They're so much easier to line up and they stay exactly where you put them.

  2. I've never tried the bolt ons. I chose these specifically because they didn't have as much grip as modern ones - and because I could cut them short on one side to accommodate my NuVinci shifter.

    Using hairspray (and WD-40) has worked for me on motorcycle grips, as well as bicycle for years.

    I do need to try some bolt ons.

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