Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today's Post is Not a Review.

As some of you may know, I ride a bike occasionally - though I have been sidelined this year by a couple of things; I have a daughter who doesn't want to go to school/wake up early, and it was a million degrees this summer. When those two things aren't going on, I'm actually a pretty good commuter, and ride the full distance to my office. When those two things are going on, I end up driving rather than riding, and I don't like it. In an effort to at least get some saddle time in, I have been riding to the train station and taking the train part of the way to the office. Maybe all the way, I'll never tell. I do ride at least 5 miles on the way home, so there is that.

Normally, I never see anything worthwhile on the train - I've actually ridden enough that I know some of the regular characters. I'd love to take a photo of the guy who dresses very nicely but overdyes his hair for you, but I think he'd catch me. He is obviously some sort of businessman, and he carries a very nice briefcase.

I guess he likes to party as well, because as he got off of the train, this little baggie dropped in his wake.

This is maybe 1/4" square, and I was totally shocked to see this fall off of his person. I don't know what it held originally, but I don't know of anything other than crack that comes in bags that little (or so I've heard). This guy is always dressed in a nice suit and overcoat, and he has to be at least 50 years old. I would never have noticed him, except for the fact that he dyes his hair a severe black. I don't know that he is doing crack, but I do know for sure that this dropped off  his person as he exited. I assume he is a banker or a financial person, because he is always reading the Wall Street Journal as he rides.

That is what I saw on the train on a foggy Friday. You never know what to expect.


  1. Maybe the bag held a tube patch kit. Or not.

  2. IT would have to be a really small patch, and it certainly wouldn't contain enough glue to huff.

  3. Does he often tap his foot and chuckle as he reads the Wall St. Journal?

  4. IF he isn't sleeping or talking to his seat mate, he just listens to his iPod and stares off into the distance.