Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Looking Into The Future

I know that I have been gone a long time, and I am afraid that the world may have moved on. However, even in this brave new world, there is still a need for mediocre blogging about bicycle parts and rides. Luckily, as in the old world, that is the position I have placed myself in.

Since I have been so long absent, I figured you would wonder whether this blog would peter out, or if I had anything in store for the future. For the next few days, things are going to be a little "mecentric" around here and you may not like it, but BSNYC is on vacation and Andy Rooney is dead, and as such I know you don't have anything else worthwhile to read on the web. Over the rest of this year we will visit my resolutions from 2010 and see how I did, I will share my resolutions for next year with you, and we will talk a little bit about the blog and my readers. I know all of this doesn't sound like what has become the norm around here, but hey, as I write this my mouth is full of yak nog, so excuuuse me me if it's not what you are looking for. How's your blog lookin', pal?

If you decide to skip the next week of blogs, then I will tell you what to expect when/if you return in 2012. I have a few things to review in January, including the Bikecharge I have spoken about in passing over the past few weeks. I need to install it, but really haven't had the inclination to do it yet. Once I review the Bikecharge, I have some clothing I will be taking a look at; Aero Tech Designs has sent me a couple of pairs of bibs to take a look at, some shoes by Chrome, and some special glasses by Moto-Optix and an Octopus winter cycling cap. With the exception of the Chrome shoes, all of the things I will be looking at are USA made items, which is (to me) pretty exciting.

This will all make sense in a moment. 

The most exciting thing of all to me is that 1upUSA has sent me an indoor trainer to review. Since I have become fat over the course of these past twelve months, I'm looking forward to making a concentrated effort to knock 25 pounds off my frame. I bought myself some size 34 waist pants for Christmas, and when I put them on I looked like two scoops of ice cream piled on an ice cream cone. After I finished crying softly at my reflection in the mirror, I sat down and mapped out my my plan to get back in fighting shape. I will be using an epicRIDES video I have installed on my iPhone, so I will review it as well and hold it solely responsible for my success or failure.

Finally, In the early part of the year I am also going to attempt to to be the first resident of Plano to circumnavigate the every mile of bike path in the city. I have engaged the services of a native American tracker, and have started laying in my pemmican and hardtack supplies along with plenty of ball and powder to ensure my safety.

I think there is a drinking fountain over there! 

As you see, I have some serious content plans for the upcoming year, and I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am.

Westward ho!

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