Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Linkdump - Play At Home Version

Today I'm going to make one post with links to all of the companies that have sent me stuff to review. If you want to order the same stuff so you can review along with me, then click through.

1. Uberhood Bicycle Umbrella. As I type this, the rain is coming down, so you can expect a follow up article in heavier rain soon.

2. NuVinci N360 hub. This is installed, so be prepared to read about it next week.

3. Monkeylectric Bike Light. This is flat out cool, and looks like fun and practicality rolled into one.

4. Bikecharge bike generator. This looks like a great alternative to a generator hub for a commuter.

5. Bikeconsole iPhone mount. I loved having my 3G on the handlebars, but hated that it was unprotected. The Bikemount actually comes with an incredible case as a part of the setup.

6. Aero Tech clothing has sent me a couple of different made in USA bibs. I am debating taking photos of myself in said bibs for the article. I'm leaning towards "no".

7. Chrome shoes has sent me some of their Kursk SPD shoes to give a run. I was hoping to compare a couple of different brands, but no one else seems to be interested.

8. Octopus Caps is sending me a winter cap to try out and report on. I am a cycling cap guy, and have several that I wear in the summer - but in the winter, they do not keep my head warm. I have one of those neoprene skull caps, but I feel like a brain patient when I wear it. Plus, my ears get cold.

As you see, I have my work cut out for me. Some of these reviews will "drop" prior to my Chrimble vacation, and some after.


  1. I think you left in an extra "http" in your links.

  2. Links seem to work fine now. When you test the Kursk shoes, I hope you will be using the cleats while doing some "in gym" activity that will tell us if we can safely ride clipless to the gym and then play basketball on that nice wooden court without fear and without having to bring along a second set of shoes.