Wednesday, November 30, 2011

As In the Tour De BBQ Days, I'm Doing a Quick Check in today.

I hope you have enjoyed the last two days of questionably good content in the blog, but I'm afraid that I have some bad news to report. I was injured in an epic bike battle over Thanksgiving weekend, and I hurt my wrist enough to prevent me from either riding or wrenching for a few more days. I had put some articles and reviews in the hopper, hoping to get ahead, but I ended up waiting for parts anyway, so I have come to a dead stop, bicycle wise.

I did sell my Suteki for my asking price (which was a bargain) to some happy cyclist that had just discovered "skinny tire vintage bikes", moved to Uptown, and decided that he needed one. He told me that no matter what he looked at, he kept coming back to this bike - even after going to a bicycle shop, it was mine that he wanted. He came over, raved, asked a ton of questions, goggled my collection, and drove away with his new bike folded into his Honda - a very happy Craigslist customer, ready to ride his bike.

I have received a bunch of stuff in the mail - the Monkeylectric light showed up, as did the BikeConsole and Bikecharge generator - and as soon as I am healed I will be installing everything on the Bloggipede.

The Bloggipede

This is just a sneak preview of the Bloggipede as it sits now - unfortunately the crankset that is on it has been ruined by pedal cross threading - once I removed the old crappy pedals that were on it, I could no longer thread a new set of pedals in. I did, however, fall in love with that style crankset and had a hell of a time finding one. I'm hoping to get it in the mail today and finish up the bike by Saturday- and then I'll have a ton of articles to put up.

I am also setting up some clothing reviews and should have a pretty good run of content before the year closes out. The rest of this week might be me phoning it in, but I will put up some good stuff (?) after that,  until Dec 15 - when all will go silent until after Christmas.

 FTW's fundraising auction that I wrote about here closed and raised $4200 for his friends, along with some other anonymous donations from non bidders - if that was you, that was mighty nice of you. If, by some chance, one of my readers won, then I'd love to check it out in person.

Finally, since I am getting a new bike mount for my iPhone, I thought I would ask you, gentle reader, to let me know if you have some program that you use on your cycle - I have used Runkeeper for a while, but I have also downloaded Bikebrain recently, and I will be doing some comparisons between apps as well - so if you have a different one that you use, please let me know and I'll add it to the list.


  1. Hi,
    I have just found your blog and have linked in as a follower...I look forward to reading more in the future...
    Regards from the UK.


  2. Thanks, Trevor - how did you find me?