Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another Pending Product Review

I'm still waiting on my other review items, but I still have an announcement; I will be reviewing a product that is not yet available to the general public.

Wacky Wheels! That's right, I will be the first to review these craaaaazy wheels for fun and exercise!

Just kidding. Instead, I am looking forward to receiving one of these.

This thing looks AWESOME!
The Tigra is a wheel mounted generator/light combo. I have long wanted to give a dynohub a try, but it involves wheelbuilding, and being committed to only having the ability to generate power on only one bike. The Tigra can be moved from bike to bike, and in addition to being a generator light, it is a USB charge. The good folks at Bike Console have also offered to send me a handlebar mount for my iPhone 4S (yes, I'm an early adopter guy), so very soon I will be pedaling along watching YouTube and not giving a damn about power usage. I don't have a headrest to put screens in, but I cannot ride without my videos. 

They see me rollin', they be hatin'. 


  1. Is that a car or a plane? What a tech setup.

  2. That is the Planocyclistmobile.

  3. So... how did you get on with it?