Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Bike of The Future, Today

I was watching this video the other day, and it seems so crazy to me that this was just 1992, and things have changed so much in 20 years. I graduated high school in 1992, and cell phones were just happening. This video looks like it is from a different world; cars from the seventies are still on the road, there are no cell phones, no bike helmets, and I bet that Dogpaw buys his weed by the "lid".

I looked around for video of Dallas in 1992, but couldn't find any. If you can find me a nice time capsule video like this one, I'll edit the post and put it up here. The video of Dallas certainly doesn't need a star like "Dogpaw" - I'll just take driving through Dallas on a Monday afternoon. 

Why the trip down memory lane? Because even though I am nostalgic for "Dogpaw days" (what a great festival!) I live in the future. When it comes to bicycles, I am all about technology and change, and one of the most exciting recent changes is in bicycle gearing - or lack thereof.

"what is he talking about - is he crazy?", you ask yourself . Well, let me first say that I'm not the one talking to myself. I'm talking about the CVT NuVinci hub by Fallbrook Technologies. I was contacted by one of Fallbrook's "people" today, and on Friday I will be picking up a 26" wheel to use in my Ross MTB build. I'm going to do some real life testing and really get to know one of these crazy ball bearing hubs. That is a test I'm looking forward to a great deal, because you will get to see how it really is to install, how it works, etc, etc. This should be fun. 

It's all ball bearings nowadays, son. 
I should be getting some of my other review stuff in soon, so I will have a little more to put up here. I'm hoping to get everything in soon enough to do a "Things to shop for" list before the holidays. 

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  1. From Kevin Bacon in Quicksilver to Dogpaw. Quite an evolution!