Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Linkdump and Grab Bag of Thoughts.

Friday arrives and finds me with much work on my desk at my regular job - and a new blog post going up on that site, if you are inclined to read it. Also, today finds me meeting with someone with an awesome name (Rob Sherlock) to pick up the NuVinci hubbed wheel. As such I haven't had time to come up with a really adequate post today. Some might argue that I have never come up with an adequate post, but that is a different discussion.

I am working on putting together a "shoetout" for the blog here, and have gotten a good response from Chrome so far, and am in talks with Keen and DZR to try to get a few different models into the PC offices to check out and show you all. I'll report back to you as soon as I get all of the details hammered out.

I should be getting my Monkeylight and my Urban 180 in soon, as well as my TiGRA generator light, so I am guessing that the last week of November/first week of December will be a rich one in terms of content. As long as we are discussing November, I will mention that I am taking the week of Lincoln's holiday off from blogging. I may post some small stuff if the mood strikes me, but I will primarily stay away from the Blogger dashboard all next week, returning with a fresh post on the 28th of November. I plan to build the Bloggipide up with the NuVinci during the time I am not posting here.

For today I'm going to do a link dump again; these are websites that I read, but don't check regularly.

Mama Bicycle is a blog from Japan about family bicycling. The Mama bicycle is the ultimate child hauler, and I wish they were available in the US. I used to live in Japan and this blog takes me back when I look at the photos. Well worth a peek.

Querencia Bike Shop. I know that I said Rob Sherlock has a great name, but the guy that started the Querencia collective in Denton actually has the greatest name ever; Remington Pohlmeyer. I sold Remington a bike trailer (and donated a bunch of parts to the cause) when he was starting out a few years ago. I have followed Querencia's progress from afar, and am pleased that they have their own building and are an important part of the bike community in Denton. Of course, my trailer was the key to it all.

Remington Pohlmeyer - epic name, epic beard. 

Pedestrian - Two Points!  This is another local (Dallas) blogger
who does lots of urban riding/writing. I enjoy her posts and encourage you to follow her blog. I've been meaning to add it to my blog roll on the right there, but haven't until this post. If you look over, she is there now.

Suburban Assault.  I love the name of this blog, and I check it every Wednesday for bike photos.

3rensho is a blog full of ridiculously beautiful bikes. Very inspirational.

That's it for today, have a great a great Thanksgiving, and I look forward to obsessively checking my stats again on Monday the 28th

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