Monday, November 7, 2011

Something Plano-Centric? You bet.

Since I changed my name legally to "The Plano Cyclist", I have been looking for a way to make this blog more about Plano. Unfortunately, Plano doesn't give me free stuff, so I'm not as interested in that as I pretend to be.
Ha! Just kidding. Maybe.

I live in downtown Plano, just a few blocks off of the square; I live and play downtown, and enjoy all of the different restaurants down there. Jorg'sThe FillmoreUrban Crust, and Vickery Park are all already open and doing good business, and there is another place, the Posh Nosh currently being built out in the former home of the Queen of Hearts emporium. Doentown Plano is a fun place in the evenings, and that's great, but I have always thought that there was a need for a breakfast cafe. People seem inclined to stand around an old town area and wait FOREVER for  a cafe breakfast on Sunday; it happens all over, but there hasn't been a place like that in downtown until now. I have been noticing the signage going up for for Daisy's Barn And Grill over the past few weeks, and the one that made me really take notice was "Breakfast Served All Day". That I like to see.

Plus they are hiring. I do a service in this town. 

I'll make no secret that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and specifically a breakfast sandwich. One of the reasons I have wanted a breakfast place in downtown is because I want to eat a hot egg sandwich while I wait for the train (I am a simple man with simple pleasures). I was running late today anyway and planned to take the train, so I pulled over and got to know the new breakfast joint.

Inside Daisy's
I walked in an was greeted by two smiling ladies. As I waited for my sandwich, I had a little coffee and chatted. Apparently, Daisy's was up by Kelly's, a little north of the square, and have been building the new location out for nearly six months. As such, they have a regular clientele, and are moving to make room for more regulars. The counter to the right isn't just a breakfast counter, apparently in about two weeks it will be a full bar. What's great is that they will also serve the full menu as long as the bar is open, and in fact will stay open until 3 am, serving food for an hour after they stop serving liquor. I also heard something about chicken fried steak being added to the menu, and I am all about that. 

Glorious Pie Case
The restaurant soft opened on Friday, and they are serving a limited menu for now, but expect to be up and running completely over the next few weeks. Their limited menu is very nice, and very heavy on the breakfast foods. They also have some burgers, sandwiches and chili, along with what look to be a metric ton of fresh baked pies and pastries. They were in the case and spread all over the counter, and were I not trying to get unsoft around the middle, this might have been a longer review.

Cookies, pies and muffins, oh my. 

I drank my tasty coffee and waited for my sandwich, looked out at the square, and was nigh pleased with what I surveyed. I like that the downtown area is becoming a much more vibrant place than it has been for a long time,and I think that the addition of a breakfast place will be a step in the right direction.

Looking out the front windows. 
I can easily see myself being one of the old men sitting in the Daisy Cafe's front window thirty years from now. Even though it is a new space, it already feels right, like they have been there for years. I completely expect to start seeing people waiting on the benches outside for a table at Daisy's on Sunday morning very soon, and for this place to be the breakfast institution around here. 

There it is! 

The sandwich was excellent, fluffy eggs with chopped up sausage link bound to the eggs by creamy melted cheese. I was right, and there is little better on a breezy morning than a hot breakfast sandwich while waiting for the train. Welcome to Downtown Plano, Daisy's, and I will see you again very soon. 

It feels good to be outside. 

I didn't ride today just to review Daisy's Cafe - I'm actually hoping (?) for rain. I have a bicycle rain cape that I'll be reviewing here soon in order to contrast it with the Uberhood that I should be receiving in the mail. I'm working to round up a few more items to review, but it's a slow process. If you are a manufacturer that would like me to spend a little time with your product, please contact me - I'd be happy to do it if it's bicycle centric.


  1. Hi Justin,
    This is my first time here. Cool B-67 saddle on your bike, eh?
    I like your blog.
    Paz :)

  2. Breakfast is my favorite meal as well. Omlets are my weakness...

  3. Perhaps you should review some "Tyre Grip!"

  4. Steve, I'm thinking that stuff is very toxic, and I wouldn't want it to contaminate the groundwater.
    I am hoping for snow this year - I have my knobbies ready to go.