Friday, October 7, 2011

A Special Offer For All Who Donated.

As some of you may know, I worked very hard begging for money from people to participate in the Tour De BBQ 2011. I ended up raising over $1200 for the University of Kansas Cancer Center, and am very pleased with my results - and just as pleased to know that I know enough charitably mided people that I can raise so much for such a good cause. I wrote a review of the ride here - and some of you may have noticed the stunning picture of me crossing the finish line. That photo was taken by the official ride photographer, and I purchased a high resolution download of the file so that I could have at least one high resolution photo of myself. (Most mughsots are generally very low resolution.)

Even though I signed this in MS paint, it's still better than my real handwriting.

As a special thank you to everyone who donated to my cause, I would like to offer you copies of the photo. You can see that I signed the copy above with a general "thanks" that can apply to everyone, so if that works for you, please feel free to download that copy and order a print - I am assured you can print a poster with that photo if you so choose, because it is so highly resolute.

If you feel like you would like a more personalized signed photo, I'm going to offer one to everyone who donated. Let me know in the comments or by contacting me via email that you would like a personalized photo - I'll mail you a hand signed, 4 X 6 copy of the photo above, at no cost to you. I would ask that you refrain from trying to resell it on eBay and make a profit, unless you will donate 50% of all profits generated to a charity of your choice.

If you want one of these photos and didn't donate, please feel free to do so - then let me know what your photo should say.


  1. ... well apparently everyone is speechless after your generous offer.
    I have to say the poster looks good on my office wall.

  2. Thanks, Ian - did you make it big enough to see my pores? I hope so.