Thursday, October 6, 2011

Changing Times, Changing Names.

Some of you may have noticed the name has changed on the top tube above - I feel I owe you an explanation before you start overwhelming me with mail. The last time I made a change and added the photo in the header, my mailman ended up with a hernia. After a long and contentious meeting with the Board of Directors of this blog, wherein there was lots of table pounding and many words I cannot type on the internet due to propriety, a motion was made and a vote taken to change the name of this blog from "Seen On The Train" to the much more mellifluous "The Plano Cyclist". One vote made the difference, friends. Democracy at work.

This decision was undertaken because I rarely ride the train anymore; the current name probably doesn't make sense to anyone other than my longtime reader. (Hi Mom!). I feel that "The Plano Cyclist" imparts some idea of where I come from, and exactly what I am (plain 'ol).

When I was meeting with the board I insisted that nothing else be changed - and they agreed that the content, while mediocre, was certainly up to snuff for their purposes and didn't need to change. You may notice a few more commercial plugs slipped subtly in (or shoehorned, if you will) to the body of the posts themselves.Capitalism, she is a harsh mistress.

I have also agreed to start referring to myself in the third person, and you had better believe that The Plano Cyclist was open to that part of the negotiations.

So update your bookmarks, if you have them, to and prepare for the future of tomorrow, today.

                                                                                                    ---- The Plano Cyclist
Plano, TX