Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Doing a Little Research and Phoning It In

I do have another job, and today I am hard at it, as I have been every day. We are considering doing a Fall "Thank You" card to our clients and we are trying to decide what picture to put on the front that gives a good feeling and is a nice pastoral Fall scene.  In looking for pictures, I was cruising through Bikeforums  and shamelessly lifting photos from threads there. Since they are ostensibly bike oriented (at least taken by cyclists), and Fall is my favorite time to ride, I'm just going to post them here and call them content. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I imagine what riding some of these roads must be like.

If you are a client, you can probably expect to get a thank you card in the mail with one of these images. We haven't decided which one yet.

Probably not this one - too much modern stuff on the bike.

Probably not this one, because of the litter along the side of the road. Litterers.

I like this one, but it is too bikecentric

We know you have a choice when it comes to insurance - thanks for choosing us.

Happy Fall riding.


  1. Yellow stripes down the middle of roads are like restaurants with bright red decor. You want roads and paths that fit better with the nature. I saw at least five of the "low stress" photos that did not hit any bad note you felt important enough to mention.

  2. 良い道ですね I am fascinated with the roads in fall.

  3. Some of the most beautiful fall roads I have ever seen were in Japan.