Friday, October 28, 2011

Lawsy Lawsy, I Actually Rode in Today

I rode in to the office today, and am exceptionally busy, so this is going to be a very "lite" post. Since I am rebuilding my Ross MTB, and it might be replacing my Schwinn High Sierra, I thought I'd break out my "winter commuter" to come in on this morning. I also got the High Sierra down because I have yet another flat on my GT - I'm sure now it's because the bike needs new tires. I'm a little stoked by that, to tell the truth, because I bought these tires new and have worn them out by riding this year. I'm pleased that I rode enough in a year to need new tires.

In the office
My High Sierra is a great bike, and one that you have only seen a few photos of - none of them are complete photos of the bike as it is now. I will rectify that by doing a photo shoot on the trail on the way home, and will go over some of the finer details of the bike with you next week.  I put  a lot of thought into building this one, and think that it needs to be documented - but I'm also a crazy person who thinks that owning 10 bikes is normal, so take that where you will. 

Have a good weekend, and get some riding in!

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