Monday, January 25, 2010

Finally, something interesting again!

I rode the train last Friday, because it was supposed to be a nice day, and also because my brother now has a bicycle - we made plans to go for a ride at lunchtime and eat. That was all very nice, and I love riding around on a nice day, but it was what I saw in the morning that got me excited - wierdness on the train!

I got to the station at about 7:05 and bought my ticket. All I had was a five dollar bill - and the machine didn't have change, so I ended up with a voucher for a dollar. A little ironic, as I was a dollar short last time I bought a ticket and had to beg for change from a passer by.

Dart has now implemented the new low entry car on most trains, and it really is a boon if you are riding a full sized bicycle. These cars even have benches that fold down and allow one to hang a bicycle in order to keep it out of the way. Luckily I was on the car early enough that I was able to politely ask the woman sitting in the seat if I might use the spot for its intended purpose. She moved grumblingly to one of the dozen other empty seats in the car, I hung my bike, and enjoyed the sunrise as we pulled out of the station.

Artsy morning shot

The ride was fairly uneventful, though more crowded than the last couple of times I rode. Admittedly, both of those rides were on holidays, so I should have known what to expect. I rode along just fine with my bike hanging from the hook until about Lovers Lane station, where I spotted the blonde woman who inspired this post, and moved to get a photo for you all.

Look, special effects!

Before I tell you what got my attention, let me remind you that the train is a fairly bouncy, sometimes rough and jerky ride. I have been thrown off balance more than once, but thankfully I have the reflexes of a cat and the legs of a sailor, so I have never fallen - though I have seen people stumble into others more than once. Additionally, this woman was standing on the stairs in the car, with no place to grab should she stumble. The lack of handholds doesn't matter, though, as both of her hands were busy.


Knitting! With a needle in each hand and the yarn coming out of her bag. I can understand knitting when you are sitting down on the train, but standing? I tip my hat to your balance, older crafty lady!

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