Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year resolutions

Like most people, I try to use this time of year to make goals and plan for the upcoming year. More than anything else, it is also a time to stand on the scale and say "two twenty? Jesus." and immediately begin berating myself for not sticking to part of last years goals and resolutions. Sometimes, however, my resolutions stick. I'm very proud to say that I have not smoked cigarettes for a little over two years now. So in the spirit of some of these sticking, here are my New Year's resolutions.

1. No more fast food. I hate it but I love it so. I try to eat it "well" - in that I only have a burger and no fries, or a kids order of nuggets - but still I eat too often. I'm going to allow myself one double cheeseburger a year. At the core, this is a resolution to pack my lunch.

2. I have already started one of my resolutions, which is to keep my house cleaner. I have taken over the kitchen cleaning duties, and I plan to devote a couple of hours a week to the rest of the house too.

3. Ride the train at least once a week. This is kind of a biggie for the blog. I'll admit that while I do ride my bikes (though too little in the nasty cold; hence 220) I have not been getting on the train. As that is the premise for the blog, I guess I need to deliver.

4. Blog likewise. As work gets busier, it's harder for me to find time to do this - but then again, I always seem to find time to do other stuff. Therefore I will post once a week. I may do more, but there will be something new here at least that often. I will do my best to make train stories, but it may be something else. However, it will be 2 wheel related, at least. Probably.

5. Enter and complete at least two "real" bicycle rides - like an MS 150, or a century. I'd like to do 2 this year. That means longer weekend rides to train for whatever ride. I'll keep you posted.

I could really do this all day, but I think those are the ones that I'm going to write down. If I keep going, it'll just end up a "to-do" list and I'll be asking you guys to come help me move my washer and dryer.

My Falcon frame is home, and stickers and lug lining are applied. The lug lining looks ok from a few feet, but terrible up close. The stickers went on very well, and the frame looks fantastic. I'm going to strip off the lining tonight and start disassembling the donor Fuji. IF anyone reading this is an artist, or does pinstripes, I'd be interested in talking to you. I'd love to have the lugs lined, but I think that it's beyond my abilities as an artist.

I was out getting some small parts the other day, and I found a shop quality repair stand for a ridiculous price. The build should be much easier as a result, and much more photogenic, so look froward to a couple of photo heavy posts about that.

I hope to write one more entry tomorrow, weather permitting. Otherwise, I hope you have a happy and prosperous 2010.

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