Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kicking Off My Weight Loss Odyssey.

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Big numbers there, huh? Hopefully, as in the Tour De BBQ days, we will see that number reach my goal and beyond.

30 pounds. That would put me right at my goal weight of 175. I know I was talking about losing 25 pounds this year, but my scale told me a very sad tale the morning of Jan 2, 2012.

Fun fact - I am nude in this photo. 

I have a long way to go, obviously, but I do have a plan. I will be using the Livestrong My Plate app to count my calories and keep track of my exercise, I have installed the cadence/speed sensor on my trainer, and am in the process of getting my epicRIDES videos set up on my phone, so soon I will be suffering in my living room.

This is where the magic happens. 

The only methods I'll really be using are going to be calorie counting and exercise. I had considered doing the mastercleanse to kick me off, but it has been a couple of years and I don't know if I'm ready to put myself through that again. Instead, I'm going to use the slow and steady method and see how fast I can lose when I take control of my eating and activity.

My plan for this process is to check in once a week with my weight loss progress, unless something really exciting happens in between my check ins. I will be posting other stuff here, but you can look for a new weekly feature on how much weight I have lost (or gained, God forbid).

Resolutions are a bitch in the cold grey light of the morning.

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