Friday, January 6, 2012

Inaugural Linkdump 2012!

As usual, I have been saving links for you to peruse today.

Brooks saddles aren't just for fops.

Switching Gears have hats that might be.

Wear this under your fop clothes for comfort.

Drink this for even more comfort under those clothes. 

And put it in one of these to affirm your fopness.

Have a great weekend. As usual, big things are coming. I will be posting another nude photo on Monday when I do my weight loss check in, and in fact I'm trying to work up a deal to work out with a personal  trainer and use some special equipment both with him and at home to take my transformation to the next level. This weight loss thing might get interesting after all.

Wish I could just Photoshop the flab away! 

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