Monday, July 25, 2011

Grab baggin'

I'm just going to wing a post because I don't have anything in the pike right now, and I don't want things to get dusty around here.

I had to do some work at the office on Saturday, so I rode up with the plan to go on a longer ride after I finished my "business time". I rode the usual 14 miles in, did my work, and then went on the trails to spend a couple of hours and rack up some miles. My office is at Forest and 75, and there is an "exit" on the White Rock Trail  right down the street from us here at the world headquarters.  They recently completed the connection between the Cottonwood trail and the White Rock here under Forest Ln, and it makes my commute a ton easier; I no longer have to fight Dart, disinterested drivers, and the angle of the sun at the intersection of Forest and Schroder. I can shoot under the busy road and hop right off the trail and be at my office.

On Saturday, I got on the WRT and rode as far as it would take me. For most of the ride, until I got to White Rock Lake, I didn't really see anyone else on the trail, I assume because it was so hot. Once I got to White Rock, there were a few people around, but not as many as usual; once again, because riding was almost like riding through an oven. I went around the lake, then hooked up with the trail as it headed downtown. It was here that I really had some privacy; I rode to the end of the trail and only saw one other rider, and no runners at all. If you haven't been down to the far end of the WRT, as the trail comes to its end, it is not shaded - it was like riding on my own superheated superhighway - though I did run out of water and refreshments as I approached the end of the trail. Well, I guess I'm exaggerating there; I didn't run out as much as the liquids in my bottles got hot. Very warm tapwater level hot. I kept drinking my hot liquids to stay hydrated, but I was not refreshed, and I could almost feel my core temperature increasing. I didn't find any refreshment stations on the trail, so I wobbled off of the trail at the park and ride on Forest and hit the Racetrac for water and a snack.
My Route - Thanks new speedometer. 

I must confess that I really ride for these moments; when I am completely shot, covered in salt, uncoordinated and wondering why I am doing such stupid things to myself. At that moment, when I get the first couple of bites of the candy and the first sweet sips of ice cold water, I can actually feel the goodness from them flooding into my tired cells, and all of those cells sighing in relief. That moment is like no other. I finished my pit stop and rode my route home. When I finished my day, I had ridden over 40 miles over the course of a very hot afternoon. I know that may not sound like a lot of miles to some of my readers, but it's plenty in Dallas from 2-5 pm in July. When I got home, my wife whisked me off to Babe's Chicken Dinner House in Garland. I refueled and fell asleep not too many hours later on Anna's bedroom floor, tired, full of chicken, and counting this among my "good days".
Babe's Garland

On another note, I found an original catalog scan for my Raleigh International. The few that have an interest in this can click the photo to make it big.
Original Catalog Scan

I am trying to decide what to do for my birthday this year; there is a metric century ride here in Plano on Oct. 1 to benefit the  "Make a Wish" foundation. I rode it last year and it was nice, but a little Frederiffic. I am considering making the drive to KC with Anna in tow to ride the Tour De BBQ instead. It should be a little cooler up north, I love BBQ, and I have never ridden in KC, so it might be fun. I ride a good portion of the Wish 100 on my weekend rides, so I am leaning towards the Tour. If I decide that, I'll be hitting you up for donations to help me raise money to fight cancer. Thanks for joining me for my grab bag today, and I will try to have something more substantial for you to read soon.

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  1. The WAS a "good day". I completely agree - there is nothing better than taking a ride that drains your body of fuel and energy, then getting a hearty meal and a nap in a random place. Greatness.