Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Early morning battery going down.

I rode in today, and I thought I'd share my ride with you. First, I was very excited to see that the trail passing under 75 at Renner is complete. I rode down there in March to check on the progress and found this:
Unfinished trail in March

This morning I checked again, and was happy to find this:
Finished path under Central Expressway
I happily rode under Central and through Richardson, once again enjoying my private superhighway to the office. I rarely see any riders until I hit the UT Dallas campus, and today was no different. Sometimes I feel like all of these paths and lanes are too good to be true, and wonder how cities can afford to make this trail system just for me. 

After Richardson it's on to Dallas and the Cottonwood trail. I love the path that runs underneath the High Five, but lately I've seen more and more people living under the bridge down there. They leave me alone, but I have the sneaking suspicion that they are responsible for the obstacle course of broken glass that I find on the trail once or twice a week. On that note, if you are riding a trail and see someone coming from the opposite direction, give them a heads up about the glass. Please. 

After my duel with the troll glass, I come to my favorite bridge. Most mornings, when I don't stop, I see a couple of cranes who are nesting below. Today I stopped and of course saw no cranes. 
In this picture: no cranes.
After this bridge I shoot through a neighborhood and to the second underpass the city built for me. 
This takes me under Forest, which is bizzay. 
This new trail takes me under Forest lane and connects me with the White Rock Trail. Until they opened this underpass I used to have to cross Forest at the Park and Ride - where I was competing with buses, Forest Lane, and traffic coming out of the Racetrac. Now I shoot under all of that and come to my other favorite new bridge. 
Also, no cranes. 
This bridge takes me to the White Rock Trail, and in a few minutes I am at my office. When I get to my office, my Runkeeper app looks like this (this is door to door mileage). 
Suck it, Contador.
And then I immediately get this message: 
Why can I not buy a spare battery? 
I was using the GPS for my speedometer, and the 3g to listen to the radio, but I think it's a little silly that a fully charged iPhone can't last more than an hour doing those two things. 

I hope you enjoyed our ride today. I will probably ride home in the heat, because after this weekend, 14 miles at 105 degrees should be a breeze.

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