Monday, February 6, 2012

Who is This "Hubbard" Guy?

There have been discreet inquiries by various readers lately about a character who shows up in the PC narrative now and again - Hubbard.

Hubbard is a fascinating person, sort of a riddle wrapped in an enigma, surrounded by mystery, and then smothered with secret sauce and served with a side of okra.

Hubbard is the Moriarity to my narrator, the lawyer to my Dr. Gonzo, the Amadeus to my Salieri. He is a good time Charlie, and the man with a plan.

I would never attempt to ride down any Dallas trail without Hubbard taking the point. He is the only rider that I know whose rides end in shootouts. His bike has been in the police impound - has yours? In fact, he even has the world's largest dachshund - and that dog will kill your dog like you or I might squash a mosquito.

In addition to being the most dangerous man on two wheels, he is the J.D. Salinger of Dallas bike bloggers - he used to be one of Dallas' most important voices in the bloggisphere, but now he has silenced his own voice in order to "leave the sunsabitches wanting more - they never commented enough anyway.".

Hubbard shook the hand of the Pope and owns art that weighs more than your car. He is so Dallas that his home even has a connection the the JFK assassination. He has a bike for every day of the week, and even has a trike so that if he drinks too much (if that's even possible) he won't fall off on the way home.

Hubbard cares so little for the laws of nature that he once drove his car across White Rock Lake. He has a cable car in his backyard - mostly because it once killed someone.

It's hard to capture someone like Hubbard in a blog post - and I feel like if I say too much more, I'll find him leaning on my porch railing, singing hymns.

It's always good to have a Hubbard in your story. They move the action along nicely. I hope this post answers more questions than it raised for everyone.

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