Monday, September 26, 2011

Once more unto the breach, my friends.

First, for perspective, I want you to see the amounts that the top ten TEAM fundraisers have raised for the Tour de BBQ. This is groups of people, people.

Top Ten Teams

Tour de BBQ 2011

  1. KC Central Naz - $520.00
  2. Team St. Paul's KCMO - $360.00
  3. SPIN! - $300.00
  4. Illini for Phylis - $235.00
  5. Heavenly Nails - $195.00
  6. MOD Riders - $100.00
  7. Team Roadkill - $100.00
  8. Aldersgate - $75.00
  9. Team NDC - $20.00
  10. Team Holmes - $20.00

Now I will show you the top ten individual fundraisers. 

Top Ten Fundraisers

Tour de BBQ 2011

  1. Steve Tomac - $1,210.50
  2. Justin Husman - $1,025.00
  3. Carrie Helfers - $1,000.00
  4. Andrew Warren - $520.00
  5. Craig Henwood - $355.00
  6. Jonathan Nye - $300.00
  7. Stacey Corrado - $245.00
  8. Niki Fehling - $170.00
  9. Titus Fehling - $150.00
  10. Michael Alexander - $150.00
Proof here.
As you can see, I am back in second place, and have accomplished my goal of raising 1/15th of the total event goal.  Steve came out of nowhere with a breakaway, but I am "reeling him in", as they say. This is the last time I will ask you to donate, if you haven't already.  The ride takes place on Oct 1, and I will be on the road to Kansas City with my lovely daughter on Thursday, so I am effectively done fundraising as of Wednesday. 

Thanks again to all those that have donated. The list is very long, and I would like to thank you  all individually, but I won't, because I'm real bad with thank you notes. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your generosity. When I started this process, I set a goal of raising $500 - and I was scared that I wouldn't make that. Instead, I have raised more than twice that, and some if it was even from blog readers, which makes me feel like I have actually accomplished something by writing here in fits and spurts. 

I do have one more post that I want to finish before I ride, and I hope to do that tomorrow. 

In the meantime, please take a second and drop a few coins in my cup if you haven't already. 

Something about this photo seems wrong. 

Thanks again for even reading this dreck. Thanks even more for supporting me in my charity drive. 

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