Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big weekend a comin'.

My bike nerd friends and I are headed on a road trip to Austin this weekend to see how the other half lives.
If you read the other blog that I write for, you know that while we are all about bikes, we are also all about the used bike for the most part (with the occasional exception). It'll be neat to be able to get a close look at a ton of amazing bikes in that I won't be able to afford until my company goes public. I'm sure that some of you that are reading are saying to yourself, "Self, why would someone go to a giant show with nothing but bicycles? Can't that person just go to a bike shop and get the same effect?". Well, yes and no. For the most part, whenever I go to a bike shop I am on a mission to purchase something - and even if I'm just browsing, I'll often end up purchasing something, just because I have this bicycle sickness. At this show, I won't be able to afford to purchase anything anyway, and I'll be traveling with two people  who I can talk bicycles with who won't be trying to make a sale at the end of the conversation. It should be lots of fun, and I am looking forward to it very much. I'm  hoping that the trip will provide some content for both websites, and at the very least there should be some good photos posted here and at the other blog over the next few days. We will be sharing a room like college kids, looking at cool bikes, and riding around Austin on what looks to be a great weekend. However, I'm really pleased because I will finally be around people that understand all of my silly bicycle T shirts.

I got out for my first real road ride this weekend, and ended up doing a little over 24 miles. It was an expensive ride, because my expensive bike computer bounced off of my handlebars about 3 miles in. Normally I would have just stopped to get it, but it bounced right into a sewer. If I'd been standing there trying to throw it in, I never would have made it. Riding by at 17MPH it made a hole in one.

Since I am spending my disposable income in Austin this weekend, it won't be replaced for a while. I'm on the lookout for a new bike computer now, so if any of my readers has a suggestion, please feel free to pipe up with your favorites.

Until we meet again,

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