Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The things I do for you.

This is probably going to be a sparse week for posts, as I took yesterday off, and I am going to be riding my motorcycle for several days this week. Sorry everyone!

I did take Monday off, and I took my non-folding big bike for a nice long ride out into what used to be the sticks - Wylie, Murphy, and Sachse. Unfortunately, it's no longer the sticks, and there are a lot of people out on the roads in that direction nowadays. I would like everyone reading to promise me that when you see a cyclist on the road you will either change lanes, or if that isn't an option, that you will at least give them plenty of room when you pass. I was buzzed about 4 times yesterday on roads that had plenty of room - once I was buzzed with two other open lanes beside me. Not cool folks, not cool. I get that you are in a car, and I get that "the roads belong to you" (an argument I have heard several times) but I'm not using much of the road, and there is plenty more for you. Just let me sweat out my miles in peace.

I know you didn't come today to hear me rant about assholes on the backroads of Texas - you came to read about goings on on Dallas' public transportation system, so on we go.
After I posted a photo of a woman in a sleep mask, I was told that I needed to blog what I see, and take photos. I'm happy to do that, but I want you to understand what sort of risks I take for you, my gentle reader.
I took a picture of this old guy because he had a little purse full of laminated schedules for the train, was checking his watch against the schedules at every station, and was visibly wincing when we were off. I ride the trains in a very Zen way, not really concerned with how late or on time I am, and I assume that the trains are not running like clockwork anyway. In fact, on more than one occasion my train has come to a complete stop in the middle of the tracks for several minutes with no explanation from the driver. This guy, however, was very serious about the trains being on time. That's not why I post the photo though. Please notice the large armed fellow to his left - the one staring at me while I take the picture. I guess that my clever ruse of "playing with my iPhone" didn't work, and he knew exactly what I was up to. I didn't notice when I was taking the picture, but I did notice when I got home and looked through my photos; it was kind of like finding a ghost in the picture you took of your Grandma.

I have been taking pictures on the train, and in the station, for a little while and Mr. Bigarms is the first person I can confirm has caught me. I hope he is the last, because while I can ride my bicycle pretty fast, I think that having to unfold my bike will slow me down a great deal. I'm not super worried about it because all of the DART police I have seen are pretty fat, but these signs seem pretty serious.
Though I don't know whose permission to ask. Bigarms?

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